World Heritage Specialist Prof. Herb Stovel Conducting an Evaluation At WHITR-AP (Shanghai)
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Working Report at Tongji University


Prof. STOVEL met with the representatives of Tongji University


Prof. STOVEL visited Tongle Fang

Prof. Herb Stovel, the World Heritage specialist commissioned by UNESCO conducted an evaluation at World Heritage Institute of Training and Research-Asia and Pacific, Shanghai (WHITR-AP, Shanghai) during June 17-19, 2007.

Prof. Herb Stovel debriefed the work report on the organization and operation of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) on June 17 afternoon, during which the representatives of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) introduced the definition and objects, the related functions, the organizational framework, the construction plan, and the working plan of 2007-2008.

Prof Herb Stovel held a meeting with Mr. Tian Xiaogang, Secretary-General of Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Mr. Li Yongsheng, Deputy President of Tongji University, and Prof. Wang Bowei, President Assistant of Tongji University, etc in the next day. Mr. Li Yongsheng extended the warm welcome to Prof. Stovel on behalf of Tongji University and promised that Tongji University would give great support to WHITR-AP (Shanghai). And they discussed the possible development of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) in the future. Prof. Herb Stovel had a talk with Mr. Yang Guoqiang, Director of Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office in the afternoon. Mr. Yang said that Shanghai Municipal Government had been always engaging in the environment protection and heritage conservation, and would give great support to WHITR-AP (Shanghai), such as staffs and working places. As to the fund raising issue Prof. Stovel concerned, Mr. Yang guaranteed that they would solve this problem through some suitable projects supporting.

In the course of evaluation, Prof. Herb stovel thought highly of the work of WHITR-AP (Shanghai), such as the establishment of website, publications of related books and newsletters, effective management system, especially extensive collaboration at home and abroad.

With the comments and suggestions given by Prof. Herb Stovel, the sub-center of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) defined the future work orientation, coordination among three sub-centers, and domestic and international cooperation direction, etc.
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