Ms. Clea LE CARDEUR Paid a Visit To WHITR-AP (Shanghai)
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middle, Ms. Clea LE CARDEUR


on the scene

On 6th Mar, 2008, Ms. Clea LE CARDEUR, Program Specialist of Technique and Administrative Cooperation of French Embassy in China, paid a short visit to WHITR-AP (Shanghai). Considering the frequent communications in culture heritage and related fields with our institute in recent months, she drew attention to promoting the collaboration between Tongji University, WHITR-AP (Shanghai) and France, and also had an enthusiastic talk with Prof. Wu ZhiQiang, Director of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) concerning the present and future collaboration programs.

Since the Cooperation Agreement was signed between Tongji University, WHITR-AP (Shanghai) and Department for Architecture and Heritage of French Ministry of Culture and Communication on 9th Dec. 2007, this visit reinforced the cooperation between French government and WHITR-AP (Shanghai).

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