Ms. Noriko AIKAWA, Representative from UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Program, Paid a Visit to WHITR-AP (Shanghai)
  PublishDate:2008-05-07  Hits:4564

representatives shaking hands with Ms. AIKAWA friendly


Left Ms. Noriko AIKAWA,Middle Mr. Zou Qishan

On 5th May, 2008, Ms. Noriko AIKAWA, representative from UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Program, paid a short visit to WHITR-AP (Shanghai) with the company of Mr. Zou Qishan, Researcher of International Department of Ministry of Culture. Ms Kong Ping, Unit Director of WHITR-AP (Shanghai) and other colleagues, received them on behalf of WHITR-AP and made a brief introduction of the Institute. Mr. Lou Yongqi, Deputy Head of Art and Design Department, College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University, Ms. Gao Bo, and Ms. Wang Hongbin briefly introduced the Art and Design Department, CAUP, as well as the relationship between intangible cultural heritage and design education. Ms. Noriko AIKAWA emphasized the importance of integrating tangible with intangible heritage conservation, and had an enthusiastic talk with Ms. Kong Ping concerning the future collaboration between the proposed intangible Institute and WHITR-AP.

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