2012 Sustainable Tourism: Management, Development and Marketing Programme
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Date: 29thFebruary – 14thMarch 2012

The Galilee International Management Institute in Israel is a leading international management-training institute which gives advanced leadership, management and capacity building seminars to professionals from all over the globe. The programmes are well balanced in terms of classes and field trips in relevant areas. The theme for this training class is sustainable tourism: management, development and marketing program.

The Institute Board will grant tuition scholarships to qualified candidates. The scholarship does not include local expenses fee and airfare. Nominees must be fluent in English and either hold a university degree or have extensive work experience in their respective field.

The programme will give special attention to transitional nations; their challenges and their competitive advantages in the Tourism market..Tuition scholarships to cover the tuition fee of the program are available for qualified applicants from transitional countries.

Further information regarding both the programme and the application process may be obtained via the Institute’s website at www.galilcol.ac.il or by contacting the Programme Director, Mrs. Tamar Joseph, tjoseph@galilcol.ac.il

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