In Memoriam: Prof. Herb STOVEL (1948-2012)
From:WHITRAP Shanghai   PublishDate:2012-03-23  Hits:2455

Prof. Herb STOVEL, one of the world’s most renowned experts in heritage conservation, recently passed away in Ottawa, Canada.

During his long career, Prof. STOVEL made an outstanding contribution to heritage conservation and to the World Heritage Convention in particular. As a scholar and a teacher of exceptional intellectual curiosity and rigour, he has had a huge impact on the advancement of the field as well as in building the capacities of hundreds of heritage professionals all over the world. Author of numerous landmark books and publications on various topics related to heritage, he was perhaps best known for his role in the drafting of the Nara Document on Authenticity, in 1994, together with Raymond Lemaire. As part of ICCROM’s delegation as an Advisory Body to the World Heritage Committee, between 1998 and 2004, Prof. STOVEL made a special contribution to the strengthening of the Convention’s policies and practice, notably through the development of its Global Training Strategy, the authoring of two well-known ICCROM publications on risk preparedness for world cultural heritage and conservation of living religious heritage as well as by playing an active role in post-inscription training and management activities. He served as President of the Association for Preservation Technology International, President of ICOMOS Canada, and most notably as Secretary-General of ICOMOS international. In 2011, Prof. STOVEL was also the recipient of the prestigious ICCROM Award.

Prof. STOVEL’s first involvement with WHITRAP was 2005 when he evaluated the feasibility Study of WHITRAP’s establishment. At that time, he thought highly of Tongji University’s preparation and academic resources. Meanwhile, he generously gave some valuable advice on the operation and institutional system of WHITRAP Shanghai. In 2006, Tongji University invited him to attend the International Symposium on World Heritage Conservation and delivered a speech on Issues in Sustainable Management for World Heritage Cities. Furthermore, he was invited to be the Guest Professor of Tongji University and had been to China for many times to devote himself to the conservation work in heritage sites.

At WHITRAP, Prof. STOVEL will be remembered for his warmth, generosity, and sense of humor, as well as for the professional contribution to the heritage conservation.The Director and staff of WHITRAP would like to offer our condolences to Prof. STOVEL’s family at this difficult moment.

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