“On the Silk Road ” World Cultural Heritage Public Action Successfully Concluded
From:WHITRAP Shanghai   PublishDate:2013-07-26  Hits:2256

“On the Silk Road ” World Cultural Heritage Public Action was successfully concluded after ten days of travelling on July 24th. The big public event was hosted by Xinhua News Agency, hosted by Gansu Provincial Administration of Cultural Heritage and co-sponsored by UNESCO and WHITRAP Shanghai.

With an aim to promote the distribution of the protection and transmission ideas of world cultural heritage, an over 20-member interview group consisting of professional journalists from Xinhua News Agency, Guang Ming Daily, CNR and China Cultural Relics News, public participants and observer of WHITRAP Shanghai, etc. travelled westward along the ancient silk road for ten days to present in a panoramic way the history and culture of the ancient silk road and to report the outcomes of cultural heritage protection in Gansu Province. Besides the properties in Gansu Province which have been included in the trans-boundary and serial World Heritage nomination list of Silk Road, i.e. the Maijishan Grottoes, the Bingling Temple Grottoes, Suoyang City Site and Tomb Complex, Xuanquanzhi Site and Yumen Pass, the group paid visits to World Heritage Sites of Mogao Grottoes and Jiayu Pass and was introduced the progress of heritage protection and utilization which was under way on the sites. The group also interviewed the heads and governmental officials of Gansu and directors of cultural heritage departments, as well as experts on heritage application of the Silk Road.

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