Secretary-General of the UNESCO category 2 centers interviewed the Suzhou Center
  PublishDate:2018-04-11  Hits:494


LI Xin, QIAN Yucheng, WANG Changgen, Natarajan Ishwaran, HONG Tianhua


On March 27, 2018, Hong Tianhua , the Secretary-General of the UNESCO category 2 centers and the Deputy Director of the International Center on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage (HIST) interviewed the Suzhou Center in order to promote the cooperation and coordinated development between category 2 centers in China. Professor Natarajan Ishwaran, Senior Consultant of HIST, and Dr. Li Wei, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Center did the interview as well. Wang Changgen, Honorary Director of the Suzhou Center, and Qian Yucheng, Director of the Suzhou Center, introduced the basic situation and the latest progress of the Suzhou Center. They discussed the future cooperation between different centers and proposed cooperation in the protection of ancient cities in Suzhou and the heritage education of young people.

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