International Workshop World Heritage and Disaster Risk Mitigation
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Shinji Yamashita教授在进行项目说明

On March 6th, 2018, the Workshop on World Heritage and Disaster Risk Mitigation: for Sustainable Heritage Tourism was held in WHITRAP, Shanghai. Prof. Tomoko Kano (Teikyo Heisei University) together with other five Japanese experts and professors, Dr. Wen Jing (Tongji University), Mr. Zhang Yunlong from Dujiangyan Municipal Bureau of Planning and Management, Dr. Simone RICCA (vice director of WHITRAP, Shanghai), Program Specialist Ms. Li Hong and Mrs. Pei Jieting attended the workshop.

The workshop started with a brief presentation by Dr. Ricca on several programs regarding world heritage disaster mitigation and sustainable heritage tourism that WHITRAP Shanghai has been engaged in, including the post-earthquake reconstruction of Dujiangyan and the international symposium in Nepal. After, Prof. Shinji Yamashita, the project advisor, introduced the basic information of the research program. Professor Tomoko Kano took Mount Fuji and the Irrigation system in Subak, Indonesia as examples, to point out problems existing in these two heritage sites, including tourist management and water resources conservation. Then with a focus on the topic of disaster risk mitigation, lecturer Takae Tanaka proposed existing approaches and solutions for fire prevention in world heritage sites, by looking at the fire control system of Kyoto, Japan and Bergama, Turkey. Moreover, she also referred to the disaster risk management planning of Patan, Nepal, which was first launched from 2008. After the earthquake in 2015, specialists conducted in-depth research on the consequences of the disaster based on this plan, and developed elaborated activity guidelines to strengthen disaster preparedness education at the local level and enable extensive participation of local population. Lastly, Mr. Zhang Yunlong gave a speech on the post-earthquake reconstruction plan, implementation of plan and the reconstruction of tourism industry of Dujiangyan city, and shared valuable experience in post-disaster heritage management with the Japanese experts.


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