WH+ST Chinese Pilot Studies Brochure
Author:Li Hong  PublishDate:2018-06-05  Hits:1284

UNESCO "World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme" Chinese pilot studies (2017-2020) has been carried out for more than one year. In view of the 42nd session of the World Heritage Committee in July 2018, WHITRAP prepared the "Chinese Pilot Studies" brochure in order to promote WHITRAP priority programmes.   

The brochure is available in two versions (English and Chinese). It includes two forewords, one by Peter Debrine, UNESCO WH + ST Project Coordinator, and the second by Prof. Han Feng, of Tongji University, Shanghai. 

The 16-page brochure briefly presents the evolution of the programme since 2009 and its main five objectives, and introduces the Chinese Pilot Studies timeline and expected outcome. It also briefly outlines, with images and technical data, the characteristics of the two case studies analyzed by WHITRAP.

The electronic versions of the English brochure is available online from www.whitr-ap.org website.

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