Reshaping Urban Conservation, The HUL Approach in Action
Author:Simone Ricca  PublishDate:2019-05-01  Hits:1647

The new book by Ana Pereira Roders and Francesco Bandarin is the last addition to the growing literature on the UNESCO 2011 Historic Urban Landscape Recommendation (HUL).

As reminded by the editors in the Preface, “this book aims to be empirical, describing, analysing and comparing a sample of 28 cities taken as case studies to implement the HUL approach. From those cases, many lessons can be learned and much guidance shared on best practices concerning what can be done to make the HUL approach work. Whereas the previous studies served to illustrate issues and challenges, in this volume the studies point to innovations in regional and urban planning and management that can allow cities to avoid major conflicts and to further develop their competitiveness.” (p. vii).

Francesco Bandarin, one of the fathers of the HUL Recommendation, previously co-authored with the regretted Ron van Oers, to whom the book is dedicated, two other important volumes: “The Historic Urban Landscape, Managing Heritage in an Urban Century” (2012 – translated into Chinese by WHITRAP in 2017 and “Reconnecting the City, the HUL Approach and the Future of Urban Heritage” (2015).

Many contributors to the Volume took part to the HUL March 2018 Expert Meeting in Shanghai and are familiar with China, and the book includes two Chinese cases studies: the City of Lijiang (Luca Zan and Tao Wang), and the village of Shuang Wan (Giulio Verdini and Feiran Huang).

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