Suzhou Gardens Plant Diseases Prevention and Treatment Training
  PublishDate:2020-08-28  Hits:1068


On the afternoon of August 28th, WHITRAP Suzhou and the Lingering Garden Management Office organized the secondtraining of 2020 on the prevention and treatment of plant diseases and insect pests in the Classical Gardens of Suzhou in order to strengthen the seasonal protection of plants in the Classical Gardensof Suzhou. More than 50 personnel from various Heritage Garden Management Offices, Management Office of Scenic Spots and some divisions of Suzhou Garden Directory, including managers and plant protection officers, participated in the training.

WHITRAP Suzhou invited Chen Juan from Suzhou Agricultural Vocational and Technical College to explain to the trainees the results of the second survey on garden plant diseases and insect pests. Through the analysis and explanation of a large number of research cases, the lecturer provided guidance on the identification and control of plant diseases and insect pests in season, highlighting the critical period for pest control to exemplify the efficiency and effects of actions. 

After the lecture, targeted prevention andtreatment instructions were given to the diseases existing on the plants in the Lingering Garden. All departments spoke highly of theguiding role of this training, and hoped that the organizers continue to deepen the research and service work in this area, so as to provide more professional and practical reference and technical guidance for garden plant protection.

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