The Chinese Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Events
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The Chinese Cultural and Natural Heritage Day fell on June 13th of this year, which also marked the 20th anniversary of the inscription of Canglang Pavilion, Lion Forest Garden, Ouyuan Garden, Yipu Garden and Tuisi Garden on the World Heritage List. WHITRAP Suzhou cooperated with the Garden Management Office, Suzhou Garden Archives, Tongli Township Government, Wujiang District and other organizations to host a series of events to celebrate the duel festivals. The theme of this year`s event is “Gardens Make Life Better”. The event kicked off on the morning of the 13th in Tuisi Garden, Tongli Town and lasted until the Suzhou Cultural Heritage Protection Dayon the 28th.

The activities included the Old Photos of Suzhou Gardens Exhibition, the 20th Anniversary Protection and Management Achievement Exhibition, reporting activities of thousands of young journalists, essay contest for elementary and secondary school students, the Lion Forest new film release, cultural lectures, Suzhou Gardens Rubbing Exhibition, etc. The various forms and rich contents attracted the active participation and interactions among the general public, experts and students. It comprehensively demonstrates the achievements in the protection and utilization of cultural heritage as well as the values and significance of building a well-off society in an all-round way and its role in serving the people to pursue a better life.


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