UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme - Chinese Pilot Studies
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Commissioned by the World Heritage Center, WHITRAP implements the “World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme” (WH+ST)  - Chinese Pilot Studies between 2015-2020. The study aims to distribute and promote the core objectives of UNESCO’s WH+ST programme through capacity building, case studies and comparative analysis at selected pilot sites to identify the main issues and solutions related to sustainable tourism in China, thus contribute to the application of sustainable tourism in Chinese contexts.  

Base of the objectives of the WH+ST Programme, the Chinese Pilot Studies will be carried out according to the following themes:

1.       Management of World Heritage as a Tourism Destination

2.       Outstanding Universal Values - Based Sustainable Tourism

3.       World Heritage Tourism Economy and Tourism Products

4.       World Heritage Tourism and Community Engagement: Heritage Conservation and Community Empowerment 


 2018 Brochure – Introduction to WH+ST Chinese Pilot Studies

 2015 Plan --- WH+ST Chinese Pilot Studies

UNESCO World Heritage Sustainable Tourism Toolkit


Chinese Pilot Programme:

WHST The World Natural Heritage—Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area

WHST The World Cultural Heritage—Tusi sites(Hailongtun)


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