WHST The World Natural Heritage—Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area
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According to the actual needs of the world natural heritage sites in WuLingYuan, we selected two research topics which are "World Heritage Tourism and Community Engagement: Heritage Conservation and Community Empowerment". Except training activities, the project provides the report on the state conservation and recommendation on the two above-mentioned topics based on field studies, questionnaires and analysis, which can improve the sustainable tourism planning, management ability and ensure the protection of OUV and the sustainable development of community. The following specific contents include but not limited.

①: Outstanding Universal Values - Based Sustainable Tourism
·To provide training theme on the correct recognition management of the OUV;
·The conflict analysis of the protection, interpretation, distribution and management of the OUV;
·The objectives and the countermeasures in management related to the integrity and authenticity.
·The way and strategy of sustainable tourism development based on the protection and distribution of the OUV

②: World Heritage Tourism and Community Engagement: Heritage Conservation and Community Empowerment
·To provide training theme on Natural heritage protection and community participation and management;
·The state analysis of the natural heritage protection and community development.
·The feasibility of conservation management and community participation;

·The methods towards the heritage conservation and community empowerment.


 Profile of OUVs of Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area

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