Wulingyuan Programme Members
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XU Qing

Doctor of Engineering in Architecture, Tongji University.

Associate ProfessorSchool of Arts and Communication, China University of GeosciencesWuhan.

Member of Chinese Landscape Architecture Association - Cultural Landscape Committee


Focused in the fields of cultural landscapes and management of cultural heritage places since 2010; involvedin the 2010 UNESCO Project of Conservation and Management of World Heritage sites in China:Lushan World Heritage Cultural Landscape Research; Manager of the2014 National Social Science Fund Program “Cultural Landscape of the Minority Nationalities in Poverty Areas of Southwest of China Research”; as Senior researcher of 2017 UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Program -Chinese Pilot Program “World Natural Heritage Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area”; Visiting Academic, Humanities Research Centre, Australia National University 2012-2013.

Completed studies includesthe book “Research on the Value System of ‘Lushan’ Scenic and Historic Interest Area’s Cultural Landscape”, “Cultural Landscape of the Minority Nationalities in Poverty Areas of Southwest of China Research Report”, and “World Natural Heritage Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest AreaStatus report”.


Zhang Lin

Ph.D., Associate professor, Master Student SupervisorDepartment of Landscape Studies, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University.

Contributing Editor, Chinese Landscape Architecture.

Doctor degree of Landscape Planning and Design in 2009 and Visit to UIUC in 2017.



Research expertise: Tourism Planning and Management, Landscape Master Planning, rural landscape and tourism planning heritage tourism sustainable development.

She has taken charge of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Coupling Mechanism of Local Culture Heritage and Modern Rural Tourism Development: A Case Study of Rural Area in Southern Anhui, Participated in 5 important national scientific research projects. Over 30 papers have been published in academic journals and academic conferences, such as Landscape Context Perception Value of Traditional Village: A Study Based on Tourist Behavior Preference2017),Sustainable Tourism Development of Landscape Heritage in a Rural Community: A Case Study of Azheke Village at China Hani Rice Terraces2017),“Best Life in Old Town”— Tourism Development Modes for an Historic Cultural Townscape: Case Study of Laochengxiang, Shanghai2016.She have been chaired and participated in over 20 tourism and landscape planning projects.







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