The Old Town of Hoi An, Vietnam
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The old Town of Hoi An is in the center of Hoi An district and town, Quang Nam province. There are more than 1100 relics of 10 architectural forms. The present architectural projects in Hoi An are mainly of the 19th century, which is the result of the economic and cultural exchange between Vietnam and the world, between Hoi An and other countries, such as China, Japan and European countries.


In 2000, the People’s Committee of Town, Department of Tourism and Commerce, Center of Monuments Management and Preservation as well as other departments worked jointly to implement the project ‘Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management Planning’.  The project helped people better recognize the outstanding universal value of the heritage site and preserve to the most original elements in tradition and culture and simultaneously meet the needs of the present residents. The organizers successfully invest in house restoration by the means of sustainable tourism development; improve the infrastructure, reuse of the old buildings in reasonable way.  Furthermore, Hoi An as a living old town, a great number of antiquities are kept, traditional craft villages are maintained, folk dishes, habits and customs, festivities are still alive.

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