Call for Good Practices: 2024 Environment and Resilience
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The debate on the relationship between conservation and sustainable development has taken centre stage within the heritage sector and notably in the context of the World Heritage Convention. This led to the adoption in 2015 by the General Assembly of the States Parties to the World Heritage Convention of a Policy on the Integration of a Sustainable Development Perspective into the Processes of the World Heritage Convention (  the 2015 Policy).

In order to support the 2015 Policy and Culture 2030 Indicators, through the network of Heritage Practitioners in Asia and the Pacific (HeritAP), WHITRAP Shanghai has structured a six-year project on World Heritage Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (2023-2028) that includes research, professional exchange meetings and field studies.

Call for Good Practices is part of HeritAP initiative, the theme varies according to the transversal thematic dimensions in the Culture 2030 Indicators as follows: Environment and Resilience (2024); Prosperity and Livelihoods (2025); Knowledge and Skills (2026); Inclusion and participation (2027).
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The overarching aim of the project is to better illustrate the above-mentioned UNESCO documents, identify good practices in World Heritage properties and on the Tentative List, and create appropriate tools for site managers to streamline recommendations for the effective use of heritage as a driver for sustainable development.

Theme for 2024

The Theme for this year is Environment and Resilience. It focuses on cultural heritage, natural heritage, and their context environment echoing the Planet pillar of the SDGs. It relates to achieve environmental sustainability by protecting biological and cultural diversity, as well as ecosystems and strengthen resilience to natural disasters and climate change.
 Global Indicator Framework after 2023 refinement_Eng

Eligibility for participation
The Call for Good Practices is open to heritage practitioners and other individuals directly involved with the conservation and management of World Heritage properties, either already inscribed or on the tentative list.

Benefits of Participation
Selected good practices will gain:
1. Recognition of heritage conservation and management
Selected good practices will be included in WHITRAP’s report to UNESCO on the World Heritage Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals report.

2. Localization strategies for World Heritage Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
The host site of the annual meeting will showcase practical examples of the World Heritage Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals and engage in discussions with domestic and international experts from World Heritage Center, Advisory Bodies, WHITRAP and other organizations to provide recommendations for its sustainable development path, and conduct capacity-building activities for a wider range of heritage practitioners.

3. International publicity and promotion
Representatives of the selected application will have the opportunity to be invited to participate in HeritAP annual meeting. WHITRAP and HeritAP websites will promote and publicize good practices to expand their influence.

4. Participation Guidelines
1. Complete the application form (in English or Chinese,  FINAL Application/ FINAL 优秀案例申请表 ).
2. Submit the form to heritage@whitr-ap.org by 31 March, 2024.
3. If there are multiple cases, applicants may submit them separately in multiple application forms.
4. Upon receiving the application, WHITRAP will send a confirmation email.
5. WHITRAP may request additional information from the applicants to better illustrate the case.
6. Selected practices will be announced and invited to present in HeritAP Chats.




Should you have any questions, please contact: Ms. LI Hong, project director of WHITRAP Shanghai
Email: heritap@whitr-ap.org
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