Ningbo Ancient Drama Stage Protection & Use Forum, Ningbo, P.R. of China.
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The China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation organized a Forum in Ningbo on March 29-30, 2018 in order to promote and disseminate its ideas for an inclusive participation to the protection of cultural heritage in China. 

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Party's 19th Congress, the Forum aimed to strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics and to preserve traditional Chinese culture. Traditional ancient drama stages in the Ninghai region are the direct carriers of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation and the protection and suitable use of such "double legacies" is an important starting point for "implementing the strategy for the rejuvenation of rural areas".

Ninghai ancient opera stages are an embodiment of folk wisdom and enjoy popularity among the people in traditional rural areas. They do not only manifest the ingenuity and aesthetic skills of ancient craftsmen, but also record the evolution of social psychology, customs, and clan concepts, as well as hundred years of opera culture. The Forum aimed to underline the social function of the ancient drama stage in Ninghai through site visits and a workshop, promoting a double heritage protection & use model.

To the Forum participated the Vice-Mayor of Ningbo, Ms. Xu Ya Nan, Mr. Li Xiaojie, the Chairman of the China Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation, experts of Cultural Heritage Conservation and representatives of Media and Tourism departments. Simone Ricca, Vice-Director of WHITRAP Shanghai, was invited to assist to the forum. In his speech, Dr. Ricca underlined that the preservation of these extraordinary vestiges of Chinese cultural heritage requires a comprehensive strategy aiming to transmit their significance and value to contemporary generations, integrating creative cultural strategies, and that the long-term survival of the ancient opera stages in Ninghai and in Ningbo should integrate design strategies linking conservation with creativity, ecology, and their larger rural framework.

Qing’an Guild Hall ancient stage, Ningbo

Qing’an Guild Hall ancient stage, Ningbo

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