WHITRAP 3 Centres Meeting (Fourth Quarter, 2020)
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On December 22, 2020, the WHITRAP 3 Centres Meeting (Fourth Quarter, 2020) was held online. The meeting was chaired by Li Xin, Deputy Secretary-general of WHITRAP Secretariat, Zhou Jian, Secretary-general of WHITRAP Secretariat, Zhu Haijun, Director of WHITRAP Suzhou, Zhang Jianwei, Executive Deputy Director of WHITRAP Beijing, Lu Wei, Executive Deputy Director of WHITRAP Shanghai, Li Guanghan, Assistant Director of WHITRAP Beijing and Wang Tianxiang, Secretary of WHITRAP Secretariat, attended the meeting.


In the first part of the meeting, Li Xin, Deputy Secretary-General, summarized the revised content of the draft of the mid-term strategy (2020-2025), and then the Secretary-General Zhou as well as the directors of the three centers put forward and discussed suggestions for improvement.


In the second part of the meeting, the three centers respectively reported their work plans for 2021, contents of which include training and education, research and practice, outreach and cooperation, and information and dissemination.


In the meantime, Secretary-General Zhou proposed work such as formulating a new RBM performance indicator system and strengthening project cooperation between the three centers. Task assignment and time planning were arranged for the following work.


The WHITRAP 3 Centres Meeting has now come to an end successfully.

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