2011 Advanced Course on Conservation and Restoration Techniques of Traditional Architecture for the Asia-Pacific Region
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1. Time
From 22 Oct 2011 to 31 Oct 2011

2. Location
Suzhou, P.R.China

3. Organizers
World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region(Suzhou)
Architecture School of Southeast University

4. Directors
Chinese National Commission for UNESCO
Chinese Institute of Cultural Relics
Suzhou Landscaping and Gardens Administration
Suzhou Cultural Relics Bureau

5. Co-organization
International Centre of Chinese World Heritage in School of Oriental and African Studies UK

6. Course Content
1). Theories and Concepts of International Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration
2). Restoration Principle and Law and Regulations of Brick Architecture Heritage
3). Renovation Solutions and Technical Regulations of Brick Architecture Heritage
4). Preventive Protection of Brick Architecture Heritage
5). Case Study of Restoration of Brick Architecture Heritage
6). Others

7. World Heritage Site Study Tour
A visit to one of the World Heritage site:Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion in Qufu.( Date: 1 Nov 2011-3 Nov 2011)

8. Application Requirements
This training course is intended for the technicians and relevant stakeholders who are engaged in Conservation and Restoration of Traditional Architecture in the State Members of World Heritage Convention of Asia-Pacific Region. The total number of the participants will be up to 20.
1). Target groups
A. Technicians and site managers working at World Cultural Heritage institutes;
B. Technicians staff working at research centres /institutes on Traditional Architecture Conservation and Management;
C. Professional staff working at national or private company of Traditional Architecture Conservation and Management;
D. Technicians and professional staff working at other relevant domains.

2). Specific requirement
A. The applicants should be under the age of 45 with at least 3 years relevant work experience.
B. The applicants could proceed with the application on his/her own, but for Chinese applicants, they should get the official approval and for international applicants, they should have the recommendation of the National Commission for UNESCO.

3) Application deadline
A. The applicants should submit the applications with other files as listed following before July 20, 2011:
a). original application form
b). a copy of Resident Identity Card of PRC or a copy of valid passport and other materials required for visa
c). a copy of highest academic certificate
d). for Chinese applicants, they should get the official approval, and for international applicants, they should have the recommendation of the National Commission for UNESCO
e). a copy of industry certification (which can prove that the applicants work in this field)
f). case studies about the conservation which applicants have attended or operated (requirements: show it in the form of PPT, and no more than 60 minutes, both in Chinese and English, content includes personal information, the program of conversation of the heritage and the design of the restoration projects which the applicants have ever attended, materials chosen and technology etc.)

All the application documents should be sent to:
Chenyu Wu, Fengjiao Cao, or Yeqin Jiang
World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for the Asia and the Pacific Region(Suzhou)
7, Xiaoxinqiao Lane, Pingjiang District, Suzhou, 215001, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
Tel: +86-512-67552305, 67552306, 67552106
Electronic Edition is also required. Please scan all documents (saved as .jpg) and sent it to whcgc@yahoo.cn

9. Results Notifications
The selection results will be directly informed to the applicants and their organizations, institutions or companies before Aug 20, 2011.

10. Certification
Certification will be awarded for those who have successfully completed the training course.

11. Fees
(1). Suzhou centre will cover fees of teaching materials, tuition fees, transportation costs in Suzou for all the selected applicants (include domestic and international applicants) and also supply both lunch and dinner. But the applicants should pay the airline, accommodation and visa fees and insurance by themselves.
(2). If the selected applicants attend the site study tour to one of the world heritage sites, Konglin, Kongfu and Kongmiao of Qufu City, they should pay the fees separately, including transportation costs, insurance, three-star hotel accommodation, tickets and professional introduction etc.
(3). According to the international practices, Suzhou centre will offer scholarship for participants from less developed countries or underdeveloped countries.

12. Teaching Language
Chinese and English
No. Name Content Language Download
1 Application Form.doc Application Form English
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