Public Lecture Series on Management Planning for World Heritage
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Management Systems/ management plan is one of the biggest threats faced by World Heritage properties. WHITRAP Shanghai invites Ms. Carolina Castellano, senior consultant of World Heritage, to give a public lecture on "World Heritage Management Planning". Ms. Shao Yong, professor of Tongji University, will join the lecture as a guest commentator and Ms. Li Hong, programme specialist, will be the moderator.


Sept. 23, 2021
1. The World Heritage Convention
• Background and creation
• Relationship to other Conventions
• +40 years: what has changed?

2. The World Heritage System
• Actors of the Convention
• The Operational Guidelines

3. World Heritage Processes
• Tentative Lists
• Nominations
• Inscription on the World Heritage List
• Monitoring State of Conservation
• Periodic reporting
• International Assistance

4. Q & A


Sept. 24, 2021
1. Basic Concepts of the World Heritage Convention
• Outstanding Universal Value
• Criteria for inscription
• Authenticity and Integrity
• Management

2. Conservation and management of World Heritage Properties
• Statutory requirements for management systems / planning
• Management systems in practice: management models, methodologies and processes
• Monitoring, evaluation and review

3. Current trends and challenges in the conservation and management of World Heritage properties
• Sustainable development
• Sustainable tourism
• Climate change
• World Heritage policy

4. Q & A

Guest Speaker
Associate Professor of Columbia University

Senior Consultant

For over 20 years, she has consulted for international heritage organizations, including the Getty Conservation Institute, ICCROM, ICOMOS and UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, on a variety of issues ranging from the development of management systems to cultural heritage policy. She has led heritage planning initiatives in efforts to integrate heritage places as drivers for development as well as field conservation projects. She has served as World Heritage Advisor for ICOMOS International, focusing mainly on the state of conservation and management of World Heritage properties around the globe, for which she has carried out several advisory missions in different parts of the world.

She contributes to research related to UNESCO´s World Heritage Earthen Architecture Programme, as well as climate change and sustainable development initiatives and frequently teaches heritage management and conservation planning at regional and international courses.



Professor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
Vice President of ICOMOS-CIAV

Standing Director of Ruan Yisan Urban Heritage Foundation

From 1990 to now, Dr. Shao has worked a lot for the conservation of historical cities, towns and villages, World Cultural Heritage sites, in charge of “Conservation and Management Plan of World heritage Site: Lijiang Old Town”, “Conservation and Management Plan of World heritage Site: Pingyao Ancient City”, “Conservation Plan of Historical Districts of Shanghai”, etc. These planning have achieved awards at State, provincial and municipal levels. Thereinto, Dr. Shao’s project “The Water Town Conservation” has got the World Heritage Conservation Distinct Award of Asia-Pacific region of UNESCO in 2003, and “Community-based Conservation Project of World Heritage Lijiang” has got the Merit Award in 2007.

She joined several international conservation projects as an expert, including Project AsiaURBS, Sino-French cooperation of architectural, urban and landscape heritage conservation, UNESCO Chair of Environment and Landscape Design, UN-Habitat program for “historic quarter for all”, and the activities of ISCEAH and WHEAP, etc.

Sept. 23-24
10:00am - 12:00am

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