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2023 HeritAP Chat on

Early Intervention of Impact Assessments

20:00-22:00,26 May 2023, Time Zone: UTC+8



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World Heritage properties grapple with multifaceted conservation and management challenges, with a large percentage of them facing issues related to development. The World Heritage Committee has increasingly requested State Parties to the World Heritage Convention to undertake Impact Assessments before deciding to proceed with the implementation, which is essential to both prevent damage to World Heritage and identify sustainable options. The Guidance and Toolkit for Impact Assessments in a World Heritage Context (the IA Guidance) is the go-to reference that serve to better assist State Parties in the understanding of what these assessments entail and to provide a roadmap for their implementation.

However, based on the 1st HeritAP Chat on Impact of Ground Transportation Infrastructure at World Heritage Sites, professionals raised the issue that sometimes it would be too late for the impact assessments and mitigation measures when the project is discovered. Meanwhile, the IA Guidance encourages the State Parties to include impact assessments into their own management system of heritage.


Considering the above-mentioned requirement, in the 3rd HeritAP Chat, we will discuss the Early Intervention of Impact Assessments. Three cases will be introduced during the HeritAP Chat from China, Germany, and Canada. The cases will present the possible early intervention from different departments and impact assessments of cultural heritage properties. Chat will focus on how to embed the impact assessments into the management system, the practice of screening and scoping process etc.

HeritAP Chat expects to facilitate the communication among professionals. We believe that by sharing their experiences, heritage practitioners could better respond to management and conservation of the sites.

Detailed information is provided as below and in the booklet. Please download here:  2023 HeritAP Chat BOOKLET




Introduction to HeritAP Chat 3

LI Hong
Programme Specialist, WHITRAP Shanghai


Using Heritage Impact Assessment as a Pro-Active Instrument in Urban and Regional Planning

Michael KLOOS
Professor, RheinMain University, UNESCO Chair on Historic Urban Landscapes and Heritage Impact Assessments


Applying HIAs in the Early Stage of Urban Regeneration in China

KOU Huaiyun
Associate Professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


Heritage Impact Assessments in Canada: A Reflection

Marcus Réginald LETOURNEAU
Managing Principal, LHC Heritage Planning & Archaeology Inc.


Chat on Early Intervention of Impact Assessments

All Participants




Jing Feng

Chief of CultureUnit, UNESCO Bangkok Office



Special Advisor of WHITRAP Shanghai


Kazuhiko NISHI

ChiefSenior Specialist of Cultural Properties, Office for International Cooperationon Cultural Heritages, Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan


Michael KLOOS

Professor of RheinMain University ofApplied Sciences

UNESCO Chair on Historic UrbanLandscapes and Heritage Impact Assessments



Associateprofessor of College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


Marcus Réginald

Principalof LHC Heritage Planning & Archaeology Inc.


LI Hong

Programme Specialist of WHITRAP Shanghai


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