Call for Application | 2023 Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases
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2023 is a new starting point. With the basic pattern unfolded, the Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases will enter a period of rapid growth based on the network effect, and you are invited to witness it with us!

Our goal is to build an international interactive exchange platform focusing on the innovation of World Heritage education models, and to provide a guide and reference system for global World Heritage education innovation practitioners to better lead and promote the future development of World Heritage education.

Welcome to join us!

Let's start the next 50 years of the Heritage Convention together!

Introduction Film for2023 Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases
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1/ Organizations

  • Directed by
National Commission of the People's Republic of China for UNESCO
  • Co-organized by
World Heritage Institute of Training and Research for Asia and the Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO (WHITRAP)
International Center for UNESCO ASPnet(ICUA)
Supported by
World Heritage Center (WHC)
International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage (HIST)
International Research and Training Center for Rural Education (INRULED)
UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Tourism at UNESCO Designated Sites
UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Tourism at UNESCO Designated Sites
UNOSSC South-South Cities Clusters
World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations(WFUCA)
And relevant governments, WH sites and institutions, etc.



2/ Application Requirements

The case studies must be educational activities organized by or for World Heritage sites or address topics of specific heritage values.
The case-study proposal may be one that has been completed (in the last 5 years) or ongoing with achieved tangible results.
There is no limit to the target audience or groups the education program is developed for.
Proposed case studies should be innovative and exemplary in concepts, contents or forms.

3/ Assessment Criteria

Innovation: innovation and explorations made in the concept and approach to heritage education
Technological application:
utilizing creative or advanced technology to protect and promote heritage values
Collaboration: high-level multilateral cooperation mechanism and innovative model to promote heritage education
Sustainability: socially, economically and culturally sustainable and contributing to the sustainable development of heritage sites
Exemplary Significance*: establishing a good role model in terms of the overall or specific approach worthy to be promoted globally
*The proposed case study must meet the “Exemplary significance” plus at least one other criterion.

4/ Awards
  • International Certificate
Receive a certificate issued by WHITRAP
The first digital certificate
on World Heritage domain
(on the condition of available technology)



  • Global Showing
Show at the World Heritage Creative Innovator Forum
Outstanding cases will be invited to attend the award ceremony for global sharing and exchange
Opportunity to be invited to share internationally at the Extended 45th World Heritage Committee Session (Saudi Arabia) on the theme of heritage education



  • International Cooperation
Selected cases will be invited to join relevant cooperation networks and enjoy resource support
Chance to be recommended to international exchange activities

2022 Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases

Promotion Film

  • International Website Publication
Cases will be displayed on the websites of the host institutions and the repositories of relevant international institutions


640 (1)

  • Brochure Publication
Cases will be published in international institutional journals and brochures

640 (2)

*The host reserves the explanation right.


5/ Application Process

a. Call for Cases   May 26 to July 31

b. Cases Selection and Review by Experts.  August to mid-September

c. Award Ceremony & Global Publicity   Mid-September to October

d. Follow-up Promotion   November to December 

6/ Application Materials


Application Form (attached)  en-cn-2023-案例申报表

and other materials


Please submit your application via

E-mail: 44whc@whitrap.com

Title: Country + City + Case Title

If sending failed, backup E-mail:creativeheritage@163.com



7/ Contacts

Tel: +86-21-65987687-8020
Please follow us on our Wechat official account and website http://www.whitr-ap.org/ for the lastest news.


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